Reporting concerns about entities we audit:

Complaints about an entity can be raised with us through this whistle-blowing link , in writing (email or post), or in person at our offices. All complaints will be treated confidentially. It is our policy not to normally act on anonymous complaints. However, we will consider them to identify whether they provide support or information relevant to other complaints or audit work we are undertaking.

Complaints about the MNAO:

The MNAO strives to ensure that we perform our work to the highest professional standards and to deliver an efficient and effective audit service which represents best value for money. We are cognizant that things may go wrong and there may be occasions where people are not happy with what we have done.  We are committed to learning and improving our practices.  This includes handling complaints carefully in an open and courteous way by investigating the matters raised thoroughly and replying as quickly as possible.

What do we consider to be a complaint?

If you have any concerns or expression of dissatisfaction about the actions or inactions by the MNAO, or its staff, affecting one or more members of the public or employee of a body audited by the MNAO will be considered by our complaints procedure.

Who can complain?

Anyone who comes into contact with the MNAO and is unhappy or dissatisfied can complain. For example, you could be a member of the public or an employee of a body audited by the MNAO.

Types of complaint about OAG:

We can consider complaints about the following:

  • How we carry out our legal duties.
  • Bad or inefficient management of the MNAO.
  • Goods and services we provide.
  • The reasonableness of the processes followed, and the decisions made, by our staff.
  • The behavior of our staff and auditors.
  • How our staff carry out their work.

Who do I complain to?

There are three ways by which you can complain. You can:

  •  Write to the Auditor General, P O Box 23, Brades, Montserrat
  • Complete our online feedback form
  • Or call 664 491 3460