Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a proactive supreme audit institution that helps the nation make good use of its resources.”

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to conduct independent and high quality audits that promotes accountability, transparency by providing relevant recommendations to our clients, the Legislature and the citizens.”

Working With the MNAO

We are passionate about finding the right people to help us support Parliament and improve public services.  Every officer is important to the MNAO.  We grow and develop our officers to their fullest potential. In the MNAO, we ensure the provision of opportunities for our officers to advance personally and professionally through continuous training and development.

You will work in a collaborative environment with people committed to professional excellence. Your work will be important. You will add value to public sector effectiveness and have a real impact on real issues that affect every citizen of Montserrat.

To find out more about the audit process and see how we work with the people of Montserrat, you can view our Audit Process document.

Current Vacancies

The following are vacancies that the Montserrat National Audit Office is looking to fill:

To express interest, or to ask for more information, you can use our Contact Form.

To formally apply, email your cover letter, CV and a reference letter addressed to the Auditor-General, to